The eSTM Portfolio Reconstruction Service is suitable for accountants to rebuild Capital Gains Tax (CGT) cost bases from incomplete share histories. The service is ideal for deceased estate work where we can rebuild the portfolio up until date of death and perform the appropriate steps to allocate assets to the beneficiaries.

The service is simple to use and can be done in three steps:
  1. Provide client cgt tax type and all known trades, balances/holdings and other unit movements such as reinvestment plans to eSTM.
  2. eSTM will use its extensive database of ASX and Managed Fund corporate actions (going back to 1985) to rebuild the portfolio tax cost bases to the final balance date. Where data is incomplete or missing eSTM can provide information on what corporate actions could be taken up to resolve the transaction history so that it achieves the final balance.
  3. eSTM will provide you with an unrealised (holding) report showing tax parcels with tax adjusted, reduced and indexed costs at the final balance date. And for deceased estates we can provide unrealised reports for the beneficiaries.

eSTM specialises in providing highly accurate capital gains calculation through the STM system and has been operating since 1993. The STM system is used by accountants and financial institutions throughout Australia. Further information on eSTM or the STM system can be found at our website or contact us (link to contact us section) to discuss your portfolio reconstruction needs.

eSTM is a leading provider of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) software for Australian shares and Managed funds to accountants and financial institutions across Australia. We pride ourselves in fast and accurate capital gains tax calculation and we maintain one of the most comprehensive databases of corporate actions from 1985 to date.