eSTM Pty Ltd is a Sydney based research and software company specialising in advanced automated investment taxation (capital gains tax) software and related database services. eSTM’s principal products are Securities Tax Manager (STM, first released in 1993) and online data portal of corporate action database CGTView. Leading accounting and financial market firms throughout Australia use eSTM products.


We are working on a cloud-based solution which will integrate STM and CGT VIEW into a single application providing break-through technology that will enable the application to integrate external data feeds to fully automate portfolio maintenance and provides the ability for STM tax data to be integrated with other external systems seamlessly providing benefits for your business.

Our Vision & Values


eSTM's vision is to be Australia's leading capital gains tax calculation and services provider.

  • Accuracy

    We take pride in our technology and software and strive to maintain the highest quality and accuracy pertaining to our services

  • Customer Focus

    Our day to day efforts are focused on supporting and providing our customers with high quality service

  • Innovation

    We are continually innovating our processes and systems by utilising new technology offerings to bring benefits to our customers

  • Security

    Information, data privacy and security are at the core of our solutions and service offering providing our customers peace of mind

The eSTM Team has extensive experience in all aspects of Australian financial markets covering equities, managed funds and derivatives and an in depth understanding of the relationship with Australian capital gains tax requirements. This is underpinned by mathematical and technical competence. The team has a thorough understanding of investment processes (from investment decision making through to trading, clearing, settlement, taxation and reporting). eSTM's expertise in software solutions further strengthens our capability to deliver high quality, robust and secure solutions to our Customers

eSTM is a leading provider of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) software for Australian shares and Managed funds to accountants and financial institutions across Australia. We pride ourselves in fast and accurate capital gains tax calculation and we maintain one of the most comprehensive databases of corporate actions from 1985 to date.